Digital labeling pilot project for new product categories

In Russia, it is planned to implement a pilot project of digital labeling of subsequent product categories. This is another experiment of this type - similar experiments were carried out in previous years - for footwear or bottled drinking water, among others.

Digital product marking in the Russian Federation

The rollout of the digital tagging system in Russia began in 2016. Completion of this process is scheduled for 2024. The unique digital code placed on the products during labeling allows each buyer to make sure that they are dealing with legally produced high-quality goods. The system also makes it possible to trace the entire route of the goods - from the manufacturer or importer to the end customer. This significantly minimizes the risk that the purchased product will be replaced with a counterfeit product at any stage of production or delivery for sale.

New product categories

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation has announced plans to launch new pilot projects in the field of digital labeling of goods. According to reports, the list of products for which the marking system is planned to be tested includes:

  • wine products (grape wine, sparkling wine, vermouths, liqueurs, etc.)
  • vegetables, fruit, fish or canned meat
  • pet food

Digital wine labeling on a voluntary basis can be implemented as early as April 1 this year. The deadline for introducing this form of marking is August 31, 2023.

Labeling of canned goods

The experiment on digital labeling of canned fish and caviar is also planned to start on April 1, 2022, while the labeling of canned meat, vegetables, fruit and pet food is to begin on May 1, 2022. Experiments with digital marking of these categories of goods will last until February 28, 2023.