Decision №54 about changes in certain resolutions of the Eurasian Economic Commission from May 16, 2017

According to the Protocol and enclosure №2 of EurAsEC about technical regulation decision №54 was made. The following decision is aimed to bring in power subparagraph “C” of second paragraph of the provision towards import of goods, which are under certain regulations within the scope of EurAsEC. It was decided to integrate possible changes to the decisions of the Commission in agreement with the following enclosure. Present decision becomes effective after 30 calendar days since the date of public announcement.

The enclosure contains numerous points, which were approved to be added to the technical regulation of EurAsEC. It was decided to:

1. Replace old version by “assessment document” in paragraph 1

2. Replace HC Code by HS Code EAC in the name of column №2

3. Change codes for certain groups of products, such as irons and ironing machines, lawn mowing machines, garden blast-engines and other categories.

4. Certain changes were accepted towards machines working by fluid fuels, electromagnetic compliance of technical units, safety of furniture, fruit/vegetable juice products and safety of products for children and teenagers. Most of them were about code replacing, renaming of products’ groups and words subtracting.