Checking the compliance of school shoes and clothing with mandatory safety requirements

On August 27, 2021, the day before the start of the new school year in the Russian Federation, recommendations were published on the website of the Federal Accreditation Service on the verification of information on confirming the compliance of school clothing and shoes with mandatory safety requirements.

Technical regulations TR CU 007/2011

The Federal Accreditation Agency reminds that according to the technical regulation TR CU 007/2011 "On the safety of products intended for children and adolescents", school uniforms made of textile materials and children's or youth footwear are subject to mandatory certification. Therefore, before the uniforms and shoes are released for sale, they must undergo a testing process carried out in an accredited testing laboratory.

How is clothing and footwear safety checked?

Therefore, individual elements of clothing intended for children and adolescents are checked for compliance with the requirements of chemical and biological safety, while the footwear - for biological and mechanical safety requirements. Therefore, clothes and footwear for children and teenagers are tested for toxicity, air permeability, hygroscopicity, flexibility or resistance to skin dyeing with dyes used in the production process. Clothes and shoes that pass all the required tests will receive a certificate of compliance.

Information on the certificate of compliance available on customer's request

According to the current law in Russia, at the request of the buyer, the seller is required to provide information about the certificate of conformity. This applies to both purchases made in a stationary store and online. The client can easily and quickly check the authenticity of the presented certificate and its status in the Unified Register of Conformity Certificates and Declarations of Conformity of the Federal Accreditation Agency.

Certificate information available via QR code

The entire process is based on a QR code, which is usually located on the certificate. You just need to scan it to get the necessary information. In the absence of a QR code, the document number can alternatively be entered. There is a colored pictogram next to each certificate in the register. A green pictogram with a tick means that the document is valid, a green pictogram with a triangle that the certificate is being renewed, a yellow pictogram means that the certificate is suspended, a red pictogram its termination, and a purple pictogram its termination and archiving. If the description of the goods in the document coincides with the description in the certificate on the website of the Federal Accreditation Agency, this means that the product has passed all the required tests.