Certificates and declarations of conformity in the digital labeling system

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Federal Service for Accreditation (Rosacreditation) and the Center for Research on Perspective Technologies CRPT responsible for the implementation of the product labeling project signed an agreement on the exchange of information within the framework of the national system of traceability of goods. The certificates and declarations of conformity of the products concerned will be included in this system.

Digital product labeling

For several months now, Russia has been systematically introducing a unified state system for digital marking and tracking of goods. The above-mentioned entities were involved in the implementation of the program. This action aims to ensure consumer accessibility through digital tagging of product authorization data.

“Chestny ZNAK” system

“Chestny ZNAK” (Honest Sign) is a new, unique, mandatory system for digital product labeling on the Russian Federation market. It was developed and implemented to guarantee the authenticity and high quality of the products sold. The digital designation consists of:

  • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
  • serial number
  • cryptographic key and cryptographic code, encoded in GS1 DataMatrix

Manufacturers in the digital tagging system

According to the developed labeling system, manufacturers mark goods in their factories. Later it will be compulsory for almost all groups of goods manufactured in the territory of the Russian Federation or intended for export to that country. The introduction of this system means not only obligations for producers, but also benefits. Thanks to digital labeling, legally operating companies and brands will be protected in the market. Consequently, they will not have to compete with counterfeit products.