Belarus is working on standards for sustainable packaging

On March 15, on the World Consumer Rights Day, a press conference on the implementation of standards for sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging and methods of testing this type of packaging was organized at the Department of Technical Regulation and Standardization of the Republic of Belarus.

 International packaging standards are implemented in Belarus

Belarus has adopted and is gradually implementing a program for the development of state standards based on international and European standards in terms of requirements for environmentally friendly and safe packaging, including biodegradable packaging, as well as methods of testing them.

41 standards for environmentally friendly packaging

By 2022, it is planned to develop and implement 41 state standards for methods of controlling biodegradability, reusable packaging, recycled plastics, glass and paper packaging, as well as standards for the development of environmental aspects.

8 national standards for biodegradable packaging already developed

From April 1, 2021, eight national standards come into force, which are identical to international and European requirements. Four of the new standards establish methods for determining the fully aerobic biodegradability of plastics in a wide variety of environments:

  • in water (STB ISO 14851-2020 and STB ISO 14852-2020)
  • in soil (STB ISO 17556-2020)
  • in controlled composting conditions (STB ISO 14855-2020)


Three more state standards concern the requirements and assessment of the compostability of plastics - these are the standards STB ISO 17088-2020, STB EN 14995-2020 and STB ISO 16929-2020.

The last of the standards, STB EN 17033-2020, specifies the requirements for biodegradable films made of thermoplastic materials for mulching in agriculture and horticulture, including packaging, identification and labeling, as well as test methods for this product.

Further state standards in this field are being developed

Work is currently underway to develop another 7 state standards. They are to concern criteria and methods for analyzing the durability of packaging, methods for assessing technical properties, requirements and methods for testing plastic boxes and pallets for transporting products, paper bags for household waste collection and recycled plastics. In 2021, it is planned to start working on the creation of another 26 state standards.