Order Russian Conformity Certificate

Russian Conformity Certificate (GOST R or TR certificate)

What is Conformity Certificate.

Conformity certificate is needed to freely export your products to Russia. Certificates could be issued for serial production or for the single shipment.

If manufacturer has ongoing business with Russia it will be reasonable to apply for serial certificate. Two types of conformity certificates exist in Russia: TR (technical regulations) certificate and GOST R certificate. TR certificate is based on the Technical Regulations and could be valid up to 5 years. GOST R certificate maximum valid period is 3 years. 

Products should be certified before exporting to Russia.

List of products subject to conformity certification could be downloaded here (in Russian with HS Codes).  Different types of machines, toys, light and heavy industry products, food products  and many others should be certified to enter Russian market.


Prices of the certification and how to order Russian Certificate.

Cost of the certification vary from 200 EUR for the single shipment certificate to 1700 EUR for the serial production certificate with vast list of prodcuts included. To order the certificate please fill the form and we will contact you with detailed info.

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