Certification in Customs Union. EAC certification.


Five countries belong to Eurasian Economic Union (former Customs Union): Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kirghistan. Certification in Customs Union usually refers to the certification procedures according to customs union technical regulations (in short CU TR and now EAC).

Full lists of current technical regulations can be found here.

Most popular technical regulations: on safety of machines (CU TR 010/2011), EMC (CU TR 020/2011), low voltage (CU TR 004/2011), light industry ( CU TR 017/2011), safety of food products (CU TR 021/2011), safety of devices working under pressure (CU TR 032/2013) and safety of vehicles (CU TR 018/2011).

The products which were certified according to the Customs Union Technical Regulations can be marked with EAC conformity sign.


Price of Customs Union certificates.

The cost of certification in Customs Union starts from 150 EUR for single shipment Declaration on Conformity and can reach few thousands EUR for the serial production Certificate of Conformity.

Detailed description of the CU TR COC – customs union certificate of conformity and CU TR DOC – customs union declaration of conformity.


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