What is “GOST”?

This abbreviation could refer to the several terms (arranged by relevance):

  1. GOST  ( R ) Standards.  Group of standards developed in Soviet Union. Nowadays GOST R (R for Russia) are being developed in Russia, meanwhile many of the past standards are still used. The official copies of the standards could be found on GOST.ru for Free. 
  2. GOST  R Certificate is the document which could be issued for the product which complies to the GOST-R Standards. More info could be found here.
  3. Russian Technical Regulations Certificate – is a document which confirms that product complies with Technical Regulation which by-turn refers to the GOST-Standards. Similar to EU directives and EN standards. Detailed information about Technical Regulations and Technical Regulations Certificate.
  4. Customs Union Technical Regulations Certificate. This document complies with lately developed (or still being developed) Customs Union Technical Regulations. These Technical Regulation are being developed by three countries: Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and must includ features of all these countries (as for example different climatic characteristics etc). The owner of that kind of the certificate will be able to freely export their product to the Territory of Customs Union.

For easy to remember: GOST R  -  GOvernment STandard Russia.


by Dmitry Ivanov