The list of the products which should be declared to comply with new technical rules for machinery from 25.09.2010.

  1. Fasteners for engineering application
    Hexagon bolts with thread diameter to 12 mm
    Bolts (except hex) to 12 mm
    Self-tapping screws for metal and plastic
    Screws and other mounting to 12 mm
    Screws with a diameter up to 8 mm
    Studs (accuracy class A), diameter up to 12 mm
    Studs (accuracy class B) diameter up to 12 mm
    Nuts in diameter and 12 mm
    Splint nominal diameter of up to 5 mm
    Washers with a diameter of up to 12 mm
    Rivet diameter to 8 mm
  2. Equipment and apparatus for flame treatment of metals and plating products
    Auxiliary equipment for gas-flame equipment, apparatus for the application of thermal coatings from powder and wire materials, spare parts for equipment and apparatus for flame treatment of metals and plating products <*>
  3. Spare parts for woodworking equipment <*>
  4. Spare parts and components for the modernization of foundry equipment <*>
  5. Welding equipment and mechanical accessories
    Support welding equipment <*>
  6. Spare parts and components for the modernization of machine tools <*>
  7. Tool Fitter
    Hammers up to 1 kg
    Adjustable pliers
    Combination Pliers
    Pliers with semicircular jaws
    Hand shears for cutting metal
    Spanners movable
    Mechanical hexagon spanners
    Spanners Mechanical non-motorized
    Screwdrivers Fitter
    Bench vise with hand drive
    Blow lamps
  8. Snap-in technology equipment for mechanical engineering <*>
  9. Machine Attachments Spare parts for lathe machines
  10. Abrasives and Abrasive Materials
    Grinding Flap
    Endless grinding ribbon
    Fiber grinding wheels
  11. Lube equipment
  12. Variators Chain variators
  13. Mechanical couplings for shafts Operated mechanical clutch with electromagnetic switching
  14. Machines for livestock
    Pumps and pump units for water and grazing livestock farms
    Electric fans for livestock buildings
  15. Machinery and equipment for poultry farming
    Incubators <*>
  16. Construction and finishing machines and tools
    Chisels for carpentry and joinery
    Flat and semicircular chisels
    Wooden planes
    Metal planes
    Steel joinery hammers
  17. Locks and latches for wooden doors Mortice and overhead locks
  18. Processing equipment and spare parts for textile industry Tape machine <*>
  19. Roving machines <*> Equipment for spinning and twisting
  20. Dyeing and finishing equipment and spare parts
    Equipment for washing textile materials
    Equipment for dehydration and humidification of textile materials
  21. Processing equipment and spare parts for trade, catering and kitchens
    Packing Equipment
    Equipment for moving trade
    Other machinery
    Components of the refrigeration equipment
    Components of the thermal equipment
    Composite parts for dishwashers
  22. The refrigerating equipment and spare parts
    Motor-compressors <*>
    Evaporators to condensing freon units capacity of up to 2,5 thousand kcal / h
  23. Cultural and domestic purposes products and household goods
    Hand operated domestic mincer.
    Kitchen equipment (not electrified instruments for the mechanization of the kitchen work)
  24. Printing equipment and spare parts
    Auxiliary machinery for the manufacture of printed forms
    Auxiliary machinery for printing on sheet material
  25. Devices for home treatment products, Tableware and kitchenware, pottery ware e.t.c
    Arrangements for the installation, lifting and opening cans


    <*> Declaration of Conformity for these products are made by the applicant on the basis of their own evidence, evidence obtained with the certification body and (or) accredited test laboratory (center).