Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of food products" CU TR 021/2011

These technical regulations apply to:

  1. food products;
  2. food production, storage, transportation and utilization.

Countries covered: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

Conformity compliance in a frame of CU technical regulations

From July 2013 new types of documents will be issued: declarations of conformity or state registrations. Old certificates and declarations will be valid until 15th February 2015. Products, certified according to the new TR must be marked with EAC conformity sign.

State registrations will be issued for the following products:

  • 1. Specialized food products are subject to State registration.
    • baby food, including water;
    • food products for the dietary treatment and diet preventive nutrition;
    • mineral water
    • food products for athletes, pregnant and lactating women;
    • biologically active additives, dietary supplements.
  • 2. New products (including GMO products)

Holder of declaration and state registration must be company registered in CU TR territory.

Text of the CU Technical Regulations could be downloaded here.