Technical Regulation of the Customs Union "On safety of machines and equipment". Declaration.

List of products subject to declaration of conformity. (Based on the applicant request certificate of conformity could be issued).

  1. Turbines and gas-turbine installations;
  2. Draught equipment;
  3. Crushers;
  4. Diesel-generators;
  5. Devices for lifting operations;
  6. Conveyors;
  7. Rope and chain pulley lifts;
  8. Industrial floor trackless transport;
  9. Chemical oil and gas processing equipment;
  10. Polymer processing equipment;
  11. Pumping equipment (pumps, pumping units and installations);
  12. Cryogenic equipment, compressors, refrigeration, gas-treatment and autogene equipment:
    • air and rare gases installations;
    • equipment for preparation and purification of gases and liquids,
    • heat and cryogenic mass transfer systems and installations;
    • compressors (air and gas);
    • refrigeration installations.
  13. Equipment for flame treatment of metals and plating products;
  14. Gas-treatment and dust-retaining equipment;
  15. Pulp-and paper equipment;
  16. Paper-making equipment;
  17. Oilfield equipment, drilling geological equipment;
  18. Manufacturing equipment and equipment for coating engineering products;
  19. Equipment for liquid ammonia;
  20. Equipment for preparation and purification of drinking water;
  21. Metal-working machines;
  22. Press-forging machines;
  23. Wood-working equipment (except household wood-working machines);
  24. Manufacturing equipment for foundry;
  25. Equipment for welding and gas thermal spraying;
  26. Industrial tractors;
  27. Forklifts;
  28. Bicycles (except for children);
  29. Machines for excavation, land reclamation, development and maintenance of quarries;
  30. Road making machines and equipment for mortar preparation;
  31. Construction equipment and machines;
  32. Equipment for construction materials production;
  33.  Forestry machinery, forestry timer deposits and timber rafting (except petrol chains and electric saws);
  34. Engineering equipment for peat industry;
  35. Industrial laundry equipment;
  36. Equipment for chemical cleaning and dyeing of cloths and household articles;
  37. Machines and equipment for municipal utilities;
  38. Industrials fans;
  39. Industrial air conditioners;
  40. Air heaters and air coolers;
  41. Manufacturing equipment for light industry;
  42. Manufacturing equipment for textile industry;
  43. Engineering equipment for production of chemical fibres, glass and asbestos fibres;
  44. Processing equipment for food, meat, dairy and fish industry
  45. Manufacturing equipment for flour-and-cereal industry,
  46. feed mill and grain-elevator industry;
  47. Manufacturing equipment for retail, catering and public kitchens;
  48. Printing equipment;
  49. Manufacturing equipment for glass, porcelain, earthenware and cable industry;
  50. Heating boilers operating on liquid and solid fuel;
  51. Fluid gas and combined burners (except for blocks), integrated in equipment to be used in technological processes at industrial enterprises;
  52. Water heaters and heating units operating on liquid and solid fuels;
  53.  Cutters:
    • multi-faceted carbide cutters;
    • high speed steel cut-off cutters and metal slitting saws;
    • carbide cutters.
  54.  Incisors:
    • -cutters with carbide plates;
    • cutters with multi-faceted carbide plates.
    • circular saws with carbide inserts for wood processing;
  55.  Bench and mounting tool with insulating handles for working in electrical units with voltage up to 1000 V;
  56.  Shell-milling cutters:
    • wood processing relieved milling cutter;
    • wood processing mills with blades of steel or tungsten carbide;
    • cylindrical interlocking side milling cutters.
  57. Tools for natural and synthetic diamonds:
    • diamond grinding wheels;
    • diamond cutting wheels.
  58. Tools of super hard synthetic materials based on boron nitride (CBN tools);
  59. Abrasive tools, abrasive materials:
    • grinding wheels, including hand tools;
    • cut-off wheels;
  60. Abrasive tools, abrasive materials:
    • abrasive disks including for hand machines
    • cutting wheels;
    • polishing wheels;
    • petalled grinding wheels;
    • grinding endless belts;
    • fibre grinding wheels.