Technical Regulation of the Customs Union "On safety of machines and equipment". Certificates.

List of products for which certificate of conformity should be issued according to the Customs Union technical regulations on safety of machines.

  1. Household wood working equipment;
  2. All-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and their trailers;
  3. Garage equipment for motor vehicles and trailers;
  4. Agricultural machines;
  5. Small-size mechanized machines for garden and forestry, including forestry electric machines;
  6. Machines for livestock, poultry farming and feed-processing;
  7. Mechanized construction and assembly instruments;
  8. Engineering equipment for timber logging, timer deposits and timber rafting:
    • petrol saws;
    • electric chain saws.
  9. Technological equipment for commerce, catering and public kitchens.
  10. Equipment for stripping and cleaning works and lining of mine workings:
    • mining combines;
    • mechanized complexes;
    • mechanised supports for shafts;
    • pneumatic instruments.
  11. Sinking equipment for mines:
    • sinking combines for coal and rock;
    • metal lining for excavation.
  12. Equipment for shaft running and mine transport:
    • drag mining conveyors;
    • belt mining conveyors;
    • winding machines for mines and hoists for ore mines;
  13. Equipment for drilling boreholes and wells, equipment for charging and tamping blast holes:
    • pneumatic hammers (drilling hammers drill);
    • pneumatic hammers;
    • drilling machines in mining industry;
    • drilling installations;
  14. Equipment for ventilation and dust retaining:
    • mining fans;
    • dust retaining and dust extraction devices;
    • oxygen compressors;
  15. Load lifting machines, load lifting cranes