THE LIST of the goods subject to State (Government)  Registration

The State Registration is a document which is issued instead of the Hygienic Certificates on the territory of Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan).

  1. Mineral water, tonics, alcoholic production, including low alcohol production, beer.
  2. Specialized foodstuff, including baby food products, products for pregnant and feeding women,  dietary products (medical and preventive), specialised foodstuff (for sportsmen); biologically active additives to food, raw materials for manufacture of biologically active additives to food, organic products.
  3. The foodstuff received with use of genno-engineering-modified (trans-gene) organisms, including genetically modified microorganisms.
  4. Food additives, complex food additives, vegetative extracts, starting cultures of microorganisms and bacterial ferments, technological auxiliary means, including fermental preparations.
  5. Cosmetic production; means and products of hygiene of an oral cavity.
  6. Disinfecting means (for application in a life, in treatment-and-prophylactic establishments and on other objects (except applied in veterinary science)).
  7. The household chemical goods.
  8. Potentially dangerous chemical both biological substances and the preparations made on their basis representing potential danger to the person (except medical products), the individual substances (connection) of a natural or artificial origin capable in conditions of production, applications, transportations, processings, and also in conditions of life to render an adverse effect on health of the person and surrounding environment.
  9. Materials, the equipment, devices and other means of water preparation intended for use in systems of drinking water supply.
  10. Subjects of personal hygiene for children and adults; subjects of children's use till three years: ware and the products used for a food of children, subjects on hygienic care of the child; clothes for children
  11. The products intended for contact with foodstuff (except ware, dining facilities, the process equipment).


Additionaly to the mentioned list the products are subject to the Government Registration in case it's a first time entry of the Russian Federation Customs territory and the products are found in the attached document.