Customs Union technical regulations on safety of products for children and adolescents.

CU TR on safety of products for children and adolescents is in power from 1 July 2012.

Products covered:

  • products for the care of children (milk nipples, pacifiers, utensils, cutlery);
  • hygiene and beauty products, toothbrushes and gum massagers;
  • garments and cloths;
  • custom-made textile articles;
  • shoes and leather goods;
  • carriages and bicycles for children;
  • books  and magazines , school supplies

Products not covered by this regulation:

  • products developed and manufactured for medical use;
  • baby food;
  • perfumes and cosmetics;
  • sporting goods and equipment;
  • training manuals, textbooks, electronic educational publications;
  • toys, desktop games;
  • furniture,
  • products made in accordance with individual orders.

Conformity compliance in a frame of Customs Union Technical Regulations.

Products subject to issuing state registration and declaration of conformity:

  • milk nipples, pacifiers made ​​of latex, rubber or silicone;
  • disposable hygiene products  (diapers);
  • hygiene cotton swabs (for the nose and ears);
  • crockery, cutlery for children up to 3 years (cups, saucers, drinking bowl, plates, bowls, spoons, forks, bottles, and other similar items for food);
  • toothbrushes, electric-powered chemical current sources,
  • gum massagers and other similar products for children up to 3 years;
  • 1st layer knitted linen and textile materials for children up to 3 years;
  • 1st layer  hosiery  for children up to 3 years;
  • 1st layer  summer hats from knitted and textile materials for children up to 3 years

Applicant for the State Registration Certification must be company registered on the territory of the Customs Union

Products subject to issuing Certificate of Conformity (except products for which state registration is needed):

  • sanitary ware made ​​of rubber molded and non-baby care;
  • hygiene products and clothing made ​​of plastic and metal;
  • bed linen;
  • 1st layer linen and knitted textile materials;
  • hosiery knitting 1st layer;
  • hats (summer) of the 1st layer of knitted and textile materials;
  • 2nd layer apparel and products of textile materials and leather;
  • 2nd layer knitted products;
  • 2nd layer  hats knitted textile materials and leather for children up to 1 year;
  • 3rd layer knitted textile materials and leather up to 1 year;
  • clothing, fur hats for children under 1 year;
  • footwear, except footwear from milled coarse wool;
  • baby carriages;
  • bicycles.

Classification of products in technical regulations

1st layer products  have direct contact with user's skin, such as underwear and bed linen, corsetry and swimwear products, hats (summer), hosiery, handkerchiefs and other similar products.

2nd layer products  have limited contact with the skin: dresses, blouses, tops shirts, pants, skirts, suits, sweaters, pullovers, hats (except summer), mittens, gloves etc.

3rd layer products include coats, jackets, coats, suits with lining, envelopes for newborns and other similar products.


List of products subject to conformity compliance.

List of product in pdf format in Russian.