Customs Union Technical Regulations on safety of low voltage equipment.

Countries covered – Customs Union: Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Effective date – 15th February 2013

Transition period – until 15th March 2015 (old TR certificates will be valid until this date)

Products covered in new Technical Regulations.

Low-voltage equipment placed on the market in the single customs territory of the Members States of the Customs Union. Low-voltage equipment is equipment designed for use with a voltage rating between 50 and 1000 VAC and between 75 and 1500 V DC.

Products not covered in the Technical Regulations on safety of low voltage equipment.

  • electrical equipment for use in explosive atmospheres;
  • medical equipment;
  • electrical equipment of lifts and lifting mechanisms (except electrical machines);
  • electrical equipment for defense purposes; electrical fence controllers; electrical equipment designed for use on transport.
  • electrical equipment for safety systems of reactors for nuclear power stations.

Conformity assurance.

  1. certification by an accredited certification body, included in the Unified Register of certification bodies and testing laboratories (centers) of the Customs Union;
  1. declaration of conformity on the basis of own proofs and (or) the proofs received with participation of a certification body.

List of products subject to certification (HTML, PDF)

Low-voltage equipment included in the List above is subject to conformity assurance by certification. Low-voltage equipment not included in the List is subject to conformity assurance by adoption of a declaration of conformity. By decision of an applicant, declaration of conformity can be replaced by certificate.

Valid period of the certificate of conformity is up to 5 years.