Customs Union Technical Regulations on safety of low-voltage equipment.

New Technical Regulations will come into power from the 1.07.2012 at the same time as TR for package and packaging materials.
These Technical Regulations of the Customs Union apply to electrical equipment designed for use at nominal voltage from 50 to 1000 of the AC and 75 to 1500 DC.

The Technical Regulations on safety of low-voltage equipment don't apply to the following products:

  • medical products;
  • electrical equipment of lifts and hoists;
  • electrical equipment for military use;
  • control devices for pasture fence;
  • electrical equipment designed for use on air, water, land and underground transport;
  • electrical equipment for safety systems of nuclear reactors.

The conformity compliance

The conformity compliance for products under Low-voltage TR is performed by issuing the Declaration of Conformity or Certificate of Conformity.
List of the products subject to Certification of Conformity:

  • Electrical equipment and appliances for domestic purposes:
    • for cooking and food storage and kitchen works mechanization;
    • for processing (washing, ironing, drying, cleaning), underwear, clothing and footwear;
    • for cleaning the premises;
    • to maintain and adjust the indoor climate;
    • sanitation;
    • for hair care, nails and skin;
    • to heat the body;
    • gaming, sports and fitness equipment;
    • audio and video equipment, television receivers and radio broadcasting;
    • sewing and knitting;
    • power supplies, battery chargers, voltage regulators;
    • for gardening services;
    • for aquaria and garden ponds;
    • pumps;
    • lighting equipment and lighting;
    • wiring;
    • extension cords.
  • Personal electronic computers (PCs).
  • Low-voltage equipment connected to the personal electronic computers.
  • Electric tools.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Cables, wires and cords.
  • Automatic switchs, tripping devices.
  • Devices for distribution of electric energy.
  • Electrical apparatus for controlling electrical installations.

Products which are certified according with the Technical Regulations should be marked with Customs Union Market Access Sign.