Customs Union Certification

Three countries are included in Customs Union:  Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

Conformity compliance in customs union is regulated by technical regulations of customs union. As for now (July 2013) 21 Customs Union technical regulations are in power (Low voltage TR, safety of machines, cosmetic products, light industry products and others).

Three types of conformity documents could be issued in a frame of technical regulations:

  • Customs Union Certificate of Conformity: valid period is up to 5 years, in some cases could be issued on foreign manufacturer (depend on a technical regulation)
  • Customs Union Declaration of Conformity: valid period is up to 5 years, could be issued only on a company registered in CU territory.
  • State Registration (hygienic document)

For products not covered by technical regulations other type of Customs Union certificate could be issued. To confirm if your products are subject to certification in Customs Union , please refer to this list (in Russian).