Documents used for conformity compliance are Declaration of Conformity and Certificate of Conformity.

Exporter could apply for the national Conformity Certificate (GOST-R, GOST-K or Belarus Certificate) or for the Customs Union Conformity Certificate.

Two possible options:

  1. Product is included in the United List of Products and subject of the national mandatory certification – national conformity certificate and CUCC could be issued.
  2. Product is not included in the United List of products and subject of the national certification. Only national conformity certificate could be issued.

The Certificate of Conformity (Declaration of Conformity) is evidenced by one of the following ways:

  • Original of the certificate;
  • Copy of the certificate issued on the special paper with a registered number by the CB;
  • Authorized copy of the certificate;
  • Indication in the documentation or package the information about issued certificate: CB number and address, date of issuing, valid date.