Certification Vocabulary

Terms and definitions regularly used in certification field.

Certification Vocabulary

Certification - procedure by means of which the third party gives a written guarantee, that production, process or service corresponds to the set requirements.

Certificate of Conformity (GOST-R) acerts that the goods delivered to Russia, and/or production line where they were manufactured, conform to the Russian Safety Standards.

Exemption Letter for customs (VNIIS Exemption Letter) - the document given for production which is not the subject to obligatory certification in Russia's GOST R system.

Fire Safety certificate is the document which confirms that production corresponds to requirements of fire safety.

Hygiene Certificate confirms the conformity of production and product to Russian sanitary requirements.

SES Exemption Letter (ROSPOTREBNADZOR Exemption Letter) - the document in which it is underlined, that production is not subject to Sanitary-Epidemiological examination.