Cosmetic products are subject to certification in Russia and Customs Union.

Two documents might be needed to confirm product safety and to be able to import and sell products on Russian territory: GOST-R Declaration and State Registration:

  1. GOST-R Declaration of conformity. The holder of declaration could be only Russian company. Time of issuing is up to 5 working days. State Registration must be issued prior to issuing GOST R Declaration.
  2. State Registration confirms the hygienic safety of the products and is valid on the territory of Customs Union (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan). Samples of the products must be sent to the Russian laboratory. Usually it takes up to 3 months to issue the State Registration. Documents needed for State Registration: MSDS Lists, projects of the labels, ISO certificate, quality certificates. Hygienic Requirements in Russian - the products should be in accordance with these requirements to apply for the State Registration.

List of cosmetic products:

  • Skin care products;
  • Personal hygiene products;
  • Means for body care;
  • Aesthetic and decorative cosmetics;
  • Hair care;
  • Hair dye;
  • Cosmetics for intimate hygiene;
  • Pedicure and manicure tools;
  • Tanning, anti-sunburn;
  • Funds intended to care for teeth and oral cavity;
  • Foams and gels for use before shaving while shaving and after shaving;
  • Deodorants;
  • Soap.

Customs Union Technical Regulations for Cosmetics.

Customs Union Technical Regulations will come into power from July 2012. New type of Technical Regulations - TR Declarations will be issued. (The document will be valid on the territory of Customs Union- Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan). Text of the Customs Union Technical Regulations in Russian.