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Gost certificate Russia - CQC Sp. z o. o.

Certification Quality Conformity Sp. z o.o.

We assist on certifying goods exported to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The Certificate of Conformity GOST R, the Certificate of Fire Safety, the Hygienic Certificate, exemption letters, Rostehnadzor permission, Certificates of Conformity of UkrSepro – all these documents and many others you will receive in the shortest terms and under the reasonable prices.

The detailed information on each type of the certificate you can receive in corresponding section of the Site.

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Development of technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union
10 June 2016
Development of technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union. List of technical regulations in  Customs Union (Eurasian Economic Union) which are in development.

CQC gives services on the certification of the products in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan (certificate of conformity GOST-R, Russian certificates, UkrSepro certificate etc.).